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You are an android, designated Reconstructive Unit 4587. You have been slightly damaged during your transportation, however; a majority of your functions remain operational. 

Your mission will continue as planned, to explore the Earth after an apocalyptic event, and ensure it is hospitable enough for your human creators to survive should they follow in your wake, returning to the planet their race once called home.  Examine the planet they left behind, and don't forget your primary goal.


Mouse = Camera control/mouse movement in menus

Left click = Select (menus only)
P = Pause
Escape = Quit  to desktop
WASD = Character movement
Spacebar = Jump
Left shift = Sprint
E = Use
Q = Drop held item

-Walking up to crafting stations will open the crafting menu, taking away your camera control until you leave the vicinity of the station.

-You must be holding the item a recipe needs in order to craft it. For example, if you wish to create a Common Pickaxe, the recipe asks for 5 Common Ingots. You must have the Common Ingots selected in your item bar (you must have 5 common ingots in the stack), and then click on the recipe to craft it.

-After leaving a crafting station menu, be sure to click the left mouse button to regain full control of your camera.

-Crops can only be watered by purified water orbs. You can also only drink purified water orbs.


Programming/Material Design/Modelling ► Ethan Cook (https://etcook98.wordpress.com)

Level Design/Main Menu Design/Material Design/Modelling ► Brandon Norine (https://fusionfallmaster.wixsite.com/website)

Music ► TeknoAxe (https://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe)

Random Sound Effects ► Freesounds (https://freesound.org/)

Install instructions

Unzip the project, and then run the HumanExtinction.exe file to play.


human_extinction.zip 822 MB

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